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With a wit as dry as the driest of martinis, Morrison weaves her preoccupations with art, science, love, family and justice into a powerful narrative of our times. Marion Halligan

Window Gods draws us into the many lives of Isobel as artist, mother, daughter, sister, wife and friend. In the midst of a life that tugs her in all directions Isobel is rammed sideways ─ her half-sister has brought a law suit against her, her peers are criticising her, and her brother-in-law has been diagnosed with cancer.

Then her son disappears.

In a modern-day Middlemarch, Isobel sets off to Afghanistan in search of her missing child while bush fires rage on her home horizon. Incisive, witty and wise, Window Gods captures the chaos and contradictions of contemporary life and death with Morrison's shrewd insight, dry humour and inimitable style.