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Mad Meg is back !

A reprint of Sally's award winning "Mad Meg" is now available, published by Hardie Grant Books

The book should be available from your favourite bookseller and is also available online from sellers such as Readings, Booktopia and BookDepository

Reviews, etc for Window Gods

Saturday 6 December: A nice review today in The Age in Melbourne, the Sydney Morning Herald, The Canberra Times and Brisbane Times.

During the week Sally received a very nice unsolicited "review" of "Window Gods" from Australian poet and novellist Rhyll McMaster:

"So many things I like about 'Window Gods' - the tone, or rather Isobel's tone of voice which carries the reader right through; the sassy dialogue (hard to get dialogue right, in my opinion); Isobel's strength and perseverance; and, of course, I like Eli - I can see him. Isobel's travails with Stella are absorbing and reminiscent, and I recognise David far too well. I like Isobel saying that artists are the ones who embrace the nub and never give it up… It's a grand journey of a book, and I expect you will receive lots of salutations from happy readers. Oh, and that first line must go into the annals of great first lines - (I said that line once to a friend without realising it was her new boyfriend.)"

Sally appeared with Kate Evans on ABC Radio National's Books + at 2:15pm on Sunday 2 November. "…this complex, beautifully written book."
The interview was rebroadcast at 10:35am on Tuesday 4 November on ABC Radio National's Books and Arts Daily.
You can also download an audio file of the interview with Kate Evans directly from this site together with a transcript of the interview.

A review by Dianne Stubbings appeared in The Australian on Saturday 25 October.

And there was a short earlier review by Sonia Nair in Books and Publishing. Copy here

Window Gods is here !

Sally's new book "Window Gods" is now available.

The book should be available from your favourite bookseller and is also available online from sellers such as Readings and Booktopia

A Kindle ebook version is also available via Amazon (, .com or

The book is here

Women's Rights in Afghanistan 2014

On 9 March Sally presented a paper on Women's Rights in Afghanistan to a group of Amnesty International members in Fitzroy, Melbourne.

A copy of her paper is available here in pdf format.

Afghanistan 2013

In March Sally was privileged to travel to Afghanistan with Dr Nouria Salehi, founder of the Afghan Australian Development Organisation (AADO) and Senior Victorian of the Year in 2012.

Dr Salehi appeared on The Science Show on ABC Radio National on 1 June talking about the AADO's work in training science teachers in Afghanistan.

Sally also appeared on Radio National on 10 November in an Ockham's Razor talk on "Aid through science teaching in Afghanistan".

Click here to download an mp3 of her talk or view a transcript.

If you would like to help AADO and support its efforts to build the capacity of Afghan individuals and communities through education initiatives and emergency relief visit their donations page. AADO is a registered charity in Australia and all donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Judith Pugh v Sally Morrison

Shortly after the publication of "After Fire" in August 2009, Judith Pugh launched legal action against Sally Morrison and her publishers, Hardie Grant.

Sally is now able to state on the public record she has not defamed Judith, does not believe the book defamed Judith and the settlement reached with Judith Pugh was a commercial decision made by the publishers.

The Age, 10 March 2012